Jewish Desserts Everyone Should Try

A dense braided bread filled with chocolate, cinnamon sugar, apples, or raisins is babka. Jewish grandparents twisted leftover challah crumbs with seeds and nuts for a Sabbath snack.

For Kosher Passover seders, this dessert is ideal. Recipe uses matzo cake meal as a basis.

Most people love these Purim treats, which create enough for seconds. The nicest part about these buttery biscuits is that you can fill them with any fruit!

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These flourless coconut cookies are famous during Passover but wonderful year-round.

These Hanukkah cookies are ideal. With buttercream frosting, these cream cheese cookies are even richer. Place frosting ornaments or seasonal sprinkles on top. 

Like these Hanukkah doughnuts "hole" plenty. This raspberry-filled, confectioners' sugar-topped delicacy will make you desire seconds. Chocolate lovers can customize this recipe with Nutella filling.

Jewish egg creams are famous. According to legend, Brooklyn Jewish candy store owner Louis Auster invented this effervescent, frothy drink in the 1900s.

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