Junk Foods That Are Healthy

Cocoa decreases sugar and enhances blood pressure-lowering polyphenol antioxidants. Fiber in very dark chocolate is unexpected and enhances intestinal health.

A nutritious wholemeal loaf offers 2.8g fiber per slice, yet white bread, with 1g, is still healthy

A 175ml glass of red wine, or 2 alcohol units, contains 1.6mg iron, little over 10% of the daily recommended consumption of this anemia-protective vitamin

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At least 15% of the daily necessary nine vitamins and minerals are in Cheerios per small bowl. Adding 150ml milk gives almost 40% of the daily calcium requirement. 

When you can't cook, make baked beans on toast for dinner without guilt. Half a can of Heinz Beanz is one of your five-a-day, has 10g of protein (more than a big cooked egg), and 7.7g of fiber (almost 25% of the needed 30g).

Although processed, ham is a lean protein source with less than 5% fat. If you want to avoid colon cancer-causing nitrites, choose Finnebrogue Naked Ham

How can a tasty dish be healthy? Peanut butter delivers 1.5mg of vitamin E and roughly a fourth of the daily niacin, which is essential for energy, nerves, and skin, in a 30g (golf ball) dose.

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