Cute and Huge Cat Breeds

This luxuriously fluffy giant cat breed is called the Skogkatt, Norwegian for forest cat. 

As its name says, this cat is Turkish. The all-white coat with color only on the head, tail, and one body spot distinguishes this historic breed.

The Manx is more than its cute round face and large cheeks: This tailless cat is adorable and kind.

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These little tastes are worth the wait. Serve them on an antipasto platter or cheese course with your favorite wine.

Russian Siberians, huge cats, may weigh more than the Maine Coon.

There's no mistaking the piercing hunting gaze, muscular body and trademark bobbed tail of the American Bobtail. 

It's unrelated to looks. "They got their name, Ragdoll, mainly because of their relaxing and laid-back personalities," reports Lauren Tan of Doll Villa Ragdoll Cattery.

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