The friendliest cat breeds for pets

Siberian cats are affectionate, nice to other pets, and great with kids. Siberians mature slowly, reaching adulthood at nearly five years old, so they'll stay lively and kitten-like.

Maine Coons, huge and devoted, love playing with and spending time with their owners.

Big and friendly, Ragdoll cats make great family companions, especially for kids. Ragdoll cats love being handled and go limp when lifted up, hence their name.

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Smart and interested, Abyssinian cats are gregarious and playful.

Due to their loyalty, devotion, and trustworthiness, Siamese cats are often called dog-like. They are sensitive, love snuggling, and want to be with their humans always.

Scottish Fold cats delight with their calm, friendly demeanor and folded-over ears and round faces.

Scottish Folds love cuddling but are quiet and less demanding than other breeds, making them ideal for families.

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