Less popular canine breeds

The American Kennel Club only registered the Finnish Lapphund in 2011. It is a hardy and large Arctic reindeer herder. A friendly dog with a fluffy coat, pointed ears, and a curling tail.

In contrast to the flashy-coated Red Setter, the two-tone “Red and White” is at the bottom of the popularity list. Irish Red and White was originally chosen by falconers because its colors were easier to discern.

This uncommon yet sweet terrier comes from a Wicklow Mountain valley in Ireland. Working dogs, they are robust, scruffy, and no-nonsense badger hunters.

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Kooikerhondje, an athletic mini-spaniel from the Netherlands, with silky fur and stunning orange and white spots. 

The national dog of Portugal, this joyful rabbit-hunting breed was developed. This 8–12in podengo weighs up to 13lb and is the smallest.

Quirkier hounds make great family pets. Elegant, sporty, and nimble. They are swift like most sighthounds, bred to course rabbits on Ibiza's rocky terrain.

One of the US-native breeds near the bottom in popularity. The glittering brindled scenthound Plott is North Carolina's state dog. 

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