Lifespan Factors for Cats

The longevity of a cat depends on more than just its breed. Environment, food, and other factors affect cat lifespan. No worries—your love and attention will help!

It may surprise you, but your cat's environment—whether you keep them indoors or outside—can reduce their life.

 Outdoor cats live only 2–5 years, compared to 10–15 years for indoor cats. They risk getting hit by cars, assaulted by wild animals

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Spaying and neutering cats does more than stop reproduction. They can also live longer with these operations.

Cat nutrition is crucial to their wellbeing. Unbalanced diets can cause diabetes, urinary stones, and visual difficulties in cats.

Overweight cats are more likely to develop life-threatening conditions including hypertension and diabetes. Underweight cats are also unhealthy.

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