Any cat lover would love these DIY projects.

Self-sufficient cats instinctively conceal when pursuing or avoiding prey. Therefore, even domesticated cats constantly hide. Since they always hide in plain sight, their hideouts are simple.

Laser pointers and cats are perfect. A cat may ignore you for hours, but a laser pointer gets their attention. While catching your cat's attention is rewarding, you may not always have time to play.

Cats are easy to domesticate, but they always want a comfortable bed, good food, and a maid to clean their poop. Keeping a domesticated cat, especially a stray, indoors 24/7 is impossible. 

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Not usually home yet want to keep your cat fed? A cat feeder is ideal. There are several commercial ones, but creating your own lets you customize the design and save money.

An automatic cat door lets your cat in without you having to open and close it, but you still have to worry about them. 

Do you wish to entertain your cats and kids while you do housework? Instructables shows how to build the Sourino. 

It takes an air fryer, box grater, and cheesecloth to make this dish. The veggie-packed, healthful air-fryer snack tastes like pizza.

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