Common dog behavior issues and solutions

A puppy will naturally nip or play bite. It may indicate exploration, teething, or boundary testing. Take action if it's becoming aggressive or the nips and bites are increasing.

Nipping and play biting in adulthood usually indicate a deeper issue. Sometimes people bite or nip out of fear or discomfort.

To prevent rough play from becoming usual, keep an eye on your dogs when they play with you or other dogs. See if dogs are tense, showing teeth, barking, or growling.

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Going for a stroll shouldn't be a struggle to keep your dog from yanking on the lead. Due to excitement and distraction, dogs pull on their leashes.

When puppies reach adulthood, they should stop chewing things, but if they keep doing so, take action. When young, entertain them with puppy teething toys.

The reason dogs are humans' best friends is mutual love. When you're absent, the bond can break, causing negative behavior. Learning how to lessen dog separation anxiety is vital.

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