Unhealthiest Dog Breeds

An enlarged soft palate, patella luxation, and hypoglycemia plague chihuahuas. Unfortunately, most of these issues are hereditary and shouldn't be inherited.

Shar peis, a developed breed, have constant health difficulties. Mounds and rashes form between these dogs' facial creases.

Saint Bernards are huge dogs, which may increase their risk of disease and sickness. 

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A flat or short nose and elongated soft palate describe pugs. Furthermore, heat stroke is more likely. 

Many health issues can affect standard poodles. They may develop juvenile renal disease, sebaceous adenitis, thyroid disease, stomach torsion, bloat, and hip dysplasia. 

The Doberman Pinscher is prone to health issues.They suffer from gastric torsion and bloat, which inflate and rotate their stomachs.

Nobody would believe the German Shepherd would have health difficulties. Elbow dysplasia and immune system diseases are common in this breed. 

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