Million-dollar-tasting poverty meals

A commenter fell in love with street tamales. He recounted meeting a "tamale angel" in Central California that left a void in his soul no restaurant has ever filled.

Potato wedges are a pleasant, simple poverty meal that feels special. Both baked and fried, their crispy outside and soft, fluffy interior are pleasant.

One of the Great Depression's staple foods survived. A classic peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Yes, you read properly. Users raved about the sandwich, which had peanut butter on bread and crispy and tart pickles to balance its sweetness.

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Biscuits and gravy are cheap and easy to make. Biscuits and gravy is a meal, and forum members raved about it. Biscuits and gravy are cheap, easy, and filling, but not everyone knows.

Peasants have eaten bread for millennia. It's full of carbs for energy and brain fuel. Without bread, humanity may not have survived the worst periods.

Buttered noodles are another forum favorite. When money is tight, noodles and fat create a satisfying meal. Many people praised buttered noodles and suggested adding cracked pepper and parmesan cheese for flavor.

Spam was recommended by several commenters for a cheap and tasty meal. Spam-rice was a favorite. A former homeless forum user said he could always find rice and Spam to fill his stomach and keep going.

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