Big Cat Drawbacks to Consider Before Getting One

Be prepared to commit to a cat in your household. Don't acquire a cat if you believe you'll lose interest when the novelty wears off.

Cat allergies may make you reconsider acquiring one. Contrary to common perception, saliva triggers sneeze attacks, not fur.

Love to travel and escape the mundane? You have company! You can relax on vacation, but you should have a plan for your cat. 

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Cats may not need your constant care, but leaving them alone isn't ideal either. Your routine may not allow for meaningful time with your cat, so it may be better to wait until you're ready to offer them the affection they need. Cats can grow bored.

Pet ownership is expensive for some. Medical and grooming costs must be added to food, litter, and toys. Cost and frequency of vet appointments depend on your cat's age and health.

You must prepare well before bringing a cat home. From chatting to your family to studying and buying the best food bowls and litter trays, you must welcome the cat.

My 40-year-old church cookbook has this family favorite. Bacon adds great crunch.

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