worst aspects of dog ownership

Dog ownership's worst part. It's filthy, stinky, gets into shoe crevices, and difficult to clean. You must pick it up and dispose of it up to five times a day.

Exercise is good for everyone, but it's convenient to take it when we want. It becomes a nuisance to take your dog out in the dark before work

A dog can't be put in the cupboard when bored. Social pack creatures, dogs love attention and friendship.

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While dog prices skyrocketed during COVID-19, they haven't dropped to pre-2020 levels. A trendy Bulldog, a well trained Collie for competition work, or a gundog can cost as much as a compact vehicle. Not purchasing a hamster...

Whatever the purchase price, vet expenses may rapidly become expensive, leaving dog owners asking how to acquire affordable pet insurance.

Dogs may not spend as much as people at the grocery store, but high-quality dog food is expensive. Usually, healthier food costs more.

I make this Tater Tot dish when time is limited before dinner. If we have unexpected guests, I double the ingredients and use a 13x9-inch pan. My "Please Stay" casserole

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