Most High Maintenance Dog Breed

Poodles are great canines of all sizes. They have cute wavy hair that gets tangled quickly.

Shiba Inus are autonomous, therefore early training and socialization are crucial. Early training sets limits and encourages healthy conduct.

Chow Chows have gorgeous, fluffy coats. However, their dense fur requires careful care. Chow Chows need regular brushing.

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Dalmatians are active and need lots of attention. Brush them periodically to maintain their coat lustrous and healthy.

Regular grooming and exercise are needed for Husky care. Brushing eliminates loose hairs and distributes natural oils for a lustrous coat.

Teddy Bear-soft Bichon Frises have curly coats. Keeping this gorgeous coat in good shape demands regular upkeep.

English Bulldog wrinkles are cute but need specific care to stay healthy and comfortable. 

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