Most Popular Cat Breeds, Ranked

No doubt, this cat is stunning, especially for its small. The American Bobtail's orange fur is eye-catching, but its finest quality is that it's great for families.

You won't forget this cat after seeing it. Their graceful form and glittering blue eyes resemble Siamese cats, but their long-haired coat distinguishes them.

The Bombay is a perfect tiny panther, like the Bengal is a jaguar. This little panther is excellent for cuddling on the couch and seeking attention. Beauty aside, these cats are lively, interested, and smart.

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It appears like this adorable cat with a silver-white coat, which can be long or short, is always wearing makeup due to its black marks around the eyes. This active and friendly cat is perfect for families with kids.

Turkey reveres this 5,000-year-old breed for its white cashmere-like fur. 

 These energetic kitties remind me of “I like to move it”. You can pet them, but they love playing too much to cuddle.

Another intriguing fact is that these cats are called “swimming cats.” Allow them to choose the time.

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