Most Popular Cat Breeds

Ragdolls, with their blue eyes, have topped CFA's list of most popular cat breeds for four years.

CFA reports that Maine coon cats, known as gentle giants, weigh up to 20 pounds and are the largest pedigreed cats. The state cat of Maine is this native American long-haired breed.

Devon rex cats look different with their huge ears and eyes. They are loyal, fun-loving, and always at your side.

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The exotic shorthair is a cat's teddy bear—soft and lovable. They look like Persians but have a thicker, shorter coat that requires less care.

These stocky, velvety cats are one of the oldest English breeds noted for hunting and strength. Some call the British shorthair the 'British blue' due to their dense blue-gray coat, but their fur can be practically any color or pattern.

Abyssinian cats have long, arched necks, muscular bodies, huge ears, and almond-shaped eyes like ancient Egyptian cats

 One of the oldest cat breeds, Abyssinians have a translucent ticking coat in several hues. Smart, athletic, friendly, and curious, they commonly perch on tall objects like fridges or bookshelves.

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