True Romantic Zodiac Signs

Modern love makes us reconsider everything, from the ideal photo perspective to the best Hinge prompt question to the best first date drink. Zodiac signs have been a relationship symbol in recent years.

Cancers are emotional first, leading with their heart. Cancers give their all, romanticize everything, and often get wounded. Cancers seek love via overfamiliarity, according to Vogue India.

Scorpios typically rush into romance without hesitation. They adore closeness but are wary of new people. Scorpios prefer strong lust to long-term love.

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Pisces—the worst romantic. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, prefers the notion of love over the actual thing. Pisces daydream about love, thus the outcome must fit their aspirations.

As the most discerning zodiac signs, Aquariuses want their partners to meet high standards. Vogue UK said they like to spend time with someone who has intriguing things to say and pushes them intellectually.

One of the most surprising but romantic signs is Virgo. Due to their carefully selected holy group, they're cautious and aware lovers.

These handsome cats love spending time with their family, whether playing with their favourite toys or relaxing on your lap.

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