Nail Checkerboard Manicures 

If you've been keeping up with the manicure side of social media platforms like Instagram  

you might have noticed that a timeless classic is trending again in the nail design industry.  

Any nail art style will work for a checkerboard, and the best part about checkered designs is how versatile they are.  

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The color options are limitless, and you may do it delicately on one nail or in a French tip style on every nail.  

Also, this week, your checkered nails can be as dramatic as you want them to be for a night on the town or as subtle as you want them to be for work.  

Here are 36 different checkered manicure designs to peruse the next time you visit the salon, so you can get on board with the checkered nail trend in no time. 

Including non-rectangular shapes is a great way to liven up the boring old checkerboard design.  

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