Which allergens do dogs have? Common Allergens

Finding the cause of your dog's allergies is crucial to treatment. Dogs may be allergic to one or numerous allergens year-round.

Almost any plant pollen dispersed by the wind can induce environmental allergies in dogs, along with dust, mold, and mites. Common causes are grass, weed, tree, and flower pollens. Any pollen can cause allergies.

Food allergies and intolerances can affect dogs. Each food item can cause allergies in dogs, but one study found that the most prevalent are: Chicken , Beef and dairy products .

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Flea, environmental, and food allergies are more frequent than contact allergies in dogs.

Most substances can cause contact allergies in dogs, but typical culprits include:

Cleaning supplies, Laundry detergent, Carpet fibers.

Plant ingredients in topical parasiticides or flea collars,Topical drugs, shampoos, Metals.

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