Next Potluck Slow Cooker Recipes

Making macaroni and cheese for the potluck guarantees a winner. This slow cooker version is extra creamy

I've tried several appetizers, but this one makes everyone happy. My guests enjoy the thick bacon cheese dip for as long as it lasts. I serve it with French bread or tortilla chips.

At a friend's birthday party, I tried these meatballs and now make them often. They're easy to make and great for potlucks and Sunday afternoon football.

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These delicious greens are a favorite at every church luncheon I bring them to. Change the seasonings to customize this recipe.

I created this dish for healthy Tex-Mex chicken in tortilla chip cups for a large celebration. This party meal can be made ahead to free up time for other items.

My friend brought this colorful bean dish to my house for a church circle picnic. After tasting the somewhat sweet slow-cooked beans, I needed the recipe. I've served the beans and shared the recipe numerous times.

Cranberry wings bring back memories of our many parties and celebrations. My daughter's pals love these wings.

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