Nobody Brings the Best Potluck Desserts

Simple chocolate delight recipe for any potluck, and the pan always returns home empty.

After trying these luscious, gooey bars, I had to get the recipe to make them for my family and friends. 

I experimented with beer bread as a dessert and made this delicious apple fritter cake.

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What did I do when I couldn't choose between two favorite desserts? I combined! With caramel, a favorite ingredient, this snickerdoodle-blondie hybrid was even better.

My family loves ricotta. Making cannoli filling and breaking up ice cream waffle shells for "chips and dip" was a smash! A little warm is also good.

Cranberries are famous in New Jersey, and this cake uses them well. The cake is moist and delectable because marshmallows melt and seep into it

These peanut butter squares never last long in our household of seven, including two teenage sons! Their ease of preparation is surprising.

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