non-shedding dog breeds

Lhasa Apsos are smart, devoted, and lively. It's a great apartment dog because it's indoor-savvy and doesn't need much exercise. 

Friendly, curious, and independent, the basenji likes kids and makes a terrific family pet. It sheds little and has a short coat. Basenjis are stubborn, making training difficult!

Bichon frises are happy-go-lucky and affectionate, making them great pets for families and individuals. Although the breed sheds little, its coat must be cleaned frequently to avoid matting.

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Since its origins as a Scottish highland vermin hunter, the cairn terrier has been a smart, affectionate small dog. Its coat is easy to maintain. Since it sheds little, it only needs one weekly brushing and occasional bath.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama adopted Bo, a Portuguese water dog, while in office. No wonder—this smart, devoted breed is easy to train.

Like many terriers, miniature schnauzers are smart and eager to learn. It's affectionate and kind. Its wiry upper coat and close undercoat don't shed, making it excellent for allergy sufferers and clean-lovers.

Small and stubborn, the Scottish terrier loves and plays. Despite its independence, it's curious and likes humans. Wiry hairs develop continuously in its thick coat, thus it doesn't shed them. 

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