Your Body Changes When You Eat Lemons Regularly

Lemons' vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis for soft, bright skin. 

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects cells. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, create collagen, and boost your immune system.

Research suggests that consuming lemon juice concentrate diluted in water daily may raise urine citrate, a citric acid salt that binds to calcium and may prevent kidney stones

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 Palinski-Wade says lemons' citric acid dilutes urine and increases citrate, reducing kidney stone risk.

Lemons include vitamin C, which studies show improves iron absorption, especially plant-based non-heme iron. Energy generation and growth require iron.

According to a 2021 Frontiers in Nutrition study, lemons are rich in flavonoids, which may boost your immune system and overall health

This supernut can prevent cancer.  Walnuts' nutrients prevent inflammation and oxidative stress, which can cause cancer.

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