Oldest cat breeds

Ragdoll cats are calm, quiet, and easygoing, hence their name. They'll follow you around or hop on your lap for a snuggle, but they're not demanding and nice with kids. These calm cats survive 11-13 years, but frequently longer. 

The long-haired Balinese resembles the Siamese. Slender and elegant, they're lively and communicative. When decorating, remember that this breed likes to leap and be high. Outgoing cats want attention yet are friendly and loving. 

The fluffy Persian is calm and sweet-tempered and wants a tranquil, dignified existence. If you and your children are kind and quiet, they'll like being caressed on your lap. Long, dense hair requires daily care. Persians typically live 12-15 years.

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Known for its furlessness, the Sphynx is a lively, energetic cat. The breed is friendly and communicative. These cats need a lot of care but will follow you around and delight you with their large personalities. 

This panther-like black cat is smart, energetic, and loves to play, so give them lots of interactive toys. Cats called ‘velcro’ because they adhere to their owners and love cuddling, they make loving pets. They live 12-16 years. 

This cautious, gentle cat will charm you with its velvety grey coat and piercing gaze. While hesitant to warm up to outsiders, these cats are kind and faithful to their owners. If well-cared for, the Russian blue lives 10-15 years. 

Other Siamese-breds include the Oriental Shorthair. Cats like their cousins are smart, inquisitive, and nimble. Friendly, talkative cats who love to play and train easily. 

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