Avoid these unhealthy carbs

Jams and jellies contain high sugar. These are usually prepared with fruit, however some brands contain more added sugar by weight than fruit. Some alternatives include 50 calories per tablespoon, entirely from carbs, so they won't satisfy you after breakfast bread. 

Plain yogurt provides calcium, protein, and probiotics. Unfortunately, many flavored yogurts include sugar. While yogurt has many benefits, this makes flavored yogurt less appealing. 

Who doesn't adore fresh-baked muffins or weekend donuts? Some glazed donuts and chocolate-filled croissants have apparent sugar levels, but other pastries may surprise you.

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Fluffy bread is delicious but lacking in nutrition. White breads lack fiber, protein, and may have extra sugar. Although a slice of white bread has less calories than whole-grain bread, you may be wrong.

White bread and tortillas are filled with vitamins and minerals but less satisfying than whole wheat flour choices. Choose whole wheat or corn tortillas, which have less additives and are better carbs.

Fruit snacks are common in packed lunches and might be termed sweets. Some fruit snack packages say "made with real fruit" but don't believe it. Pureed fruit is the initial component, however there may be other additional sugars.

It might be hard to tell good cereals from bad with so many options. Start with extra sugar when picking cereals. This should be less than 5 grams per serving and close to zero. In addition to added sugar, search for solutions with at least 2 grams of fiber, preferably more. 

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