Our top picks for dog raincoats based on reviews from experts in the field and rigorous testing 

When it's raining, it can be tough to take your dog for a walk, since many dogs hate being wet.  

As a professional dog trainer with ten years of expertise, I've noticed that when puppies are dressed in top-notch raincoats, 

it becomes much easier to take them outdoors for their regular exercise and bathroom breaks, even on rainy days. 

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We consulted expert dog walkers, who brave all kinds of weather on a daily basis, to learn what qualities to seek out in a dog raincoat.  

Based on that, we selected eleven different raincoats to put through our paces.  

Our search for the perfect coats began with those that would keep us dry in the worst downpours and were also simple to wash.  

Although it lacks insulation, it may be layered with a sweater to keep warm in colder weather and offers great coverage for the belly.  

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