Vets' 6 Best Hairball Control Cat Foods

Cleanliness is important to cats. They can groom themselves for five hours a day! During daily bathing, cats ingest a lot of hair, causing hairballs. Thank goodness hairball-control cat food exists.

Cats with lengthy coats may cough up sticky hairballs many times a year, whereas some only get them once or twice. Switching to a hairball control cat food may assist your cat with frequent hairballs. Learn about these specific cat food formulations.

Most cat owners get hairballs. “Hairballs are caused by cats grooming themselves and getting hair stuck on the esophagus lining,” says Dr. Lindsay Butzer, DVM.

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In addition to regular brushing to remove loose hair, some cat owners offer their kitties hairball control diet to reduce hairballs and simplify hair digestion.

When taken alongside grooming, these meals can reduce hairball frequency but not eliminate them.

Vet-approved hairball management cat chow combats hairballs. Hairball control diet may be offered daily and for the life of your cat, adds Dr. Butzer, who claims it's good for all cats.

Dr. Butzer recommends giving hairball control cat chow everyday but using additional hairball treatments only when needed.

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