Popular dog breeds the average person should avoid

Dogs of this breed are clever and beautiful. People prefer this breed often. New owners often find that their dog can unlock its box from inside and outwits them.

Border Collies are great herders. Intelligence, trainability, and strong family relationships make them simple to adore. Their tremendous activity, herding tendencies, and demand for mental stimulation should be considered by potential owners.

This five-ingredient Dutch oven stew is ready in 15 minutes. It's a simple supper dish to adapt—add chorizo or andouille for flavor, pickled jalapenos or chipotle peppers, or frozen or canned corn or green beans.

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They are handsome, affable, and have a long history as Siberian working and companion dogs. People like them because of their charisma

German Shorthaired Pointers are friendly, lively, flexible, and have a great hunting tradition. These dogs demand numerous hours of daily exercise, training, play, and socialization, which few owners can provide.

A person calls Huskies bright, amusing, charming, kind, trainable, loyal, and wonderful with kids and other dogs. Like cats, they clean themselves. However, they are not decorative to be meek.

The huge and powerful Caucasian Ovcharka was built to guard against wolves and bears. Their height and weight range exceeds several breeds.

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