Proteins without meat

You may get a lot of protein from foods that aren't meat, and they're also packed with nutrients.

Plain, whole-milk Greek yogurt has 146 calories, 7.5g fat (3.5 g saturated fat), 53mg sodium, 6 g carbohydrates (0g fiber, 6g sugar), and 13.5g protein every 5.3 ounce container.

Greek yogurt is a meat-free, high-protein, nutrient-dense animal protein. Non-fat Greek yogurt reduces saturated fat and calories, while Young suggests full-fat for added flavor.

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One large whole egg has 72 calories, 5 g fat (1.6 g saturated fat), 65mg sodium, 0g carbohydrates (fiber, sugar), and 6g protein.

Eggs can be hard-boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, roasted, or used in other ways as a cheap and healthy protein source.

 One egg provides 6 grams of protein, B vitamins, and selenium. 

One egg offers 31% of the DV for choline, which is critical for lipid metabolism, brain health, and prenatal brain development.

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