Quick Cake Recipes for Last-Minute Entertainment

One of the greatest peach dump cake recipes ever. The cobbler topping is crunchy and the cake is soft. A dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side makes dessert golden.

This sheet cake is great for parties. It stores well enough to prepare a day ahead and keep moist. I bring it to church potlucks and rarely end up taking much home. 

My Black Forest cake is simple: dump everything into a dish and let it happen. Reserve two teaspoons of canned cherry juice and mix into whipped cream for a cherry topping. 

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This cake is for chocolate, almond, and coconut lovers. Instantly assembles and tastes like Almond Joy candy bars.

Make the most of angel food cake, pie filling and whipped topping by creating this light impressive dessert that doesn't keep you in the kitchen for hours. It's the perfect way to end a summer meal 

One of my favorite cakes. It's light and wet but pleasant. After years of adaptation, it's nearly guilt-free.

You can prepare this delectable dessert in no time. To change this cake to your family's liking, try different flavors of instant pudding or different ice cream toppings.  

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