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This big red glitter manicure suits 2023's glitter nail craze. The ruby-red nails are festive enough, but the peppermint swirl accent nails elevate the manicure.

Matte nails are regaining popularity. Consider a Christmas-themed evergreen base with gold half-moon cuticles. Finish with a matte top coat.

For those who struggle to choose a nail style, mismatched manicures are amusing. For those who wish to experience festive beauty, this mix-and-match manicure is perfect.

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No Christmas manicure is complete without a Santa-red one. Consider nude accent nails with holly appliqués to add complexity to the dramatic manicure trend.

French manicures are great for short nails because you can choose the tip width.

Glitter ombré nails are everywhere. Dreamy nails work year-round, but adding gold and silver glitter—or even pink—makes them Sugar Plum Fairy.

No Christmas is complete without the Grinch, and this green chrome nail design is the ideal tribute. Chrome nails are trendy, so this nail style will draw attention for multiple reasons.

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