Rare Cat Breeds That Are Cute and Interesting

"American Bobtails are loving, intelligent, and wild-looking," says CFA judge Teresa Keiger, who has lived with and showed various cat breeds.

Black beauty Nikki Horner created in the 1950s was inspired by the Indian black leopard

"It has the friendly, outgoing attributes of both of its parent breeds." Leash-trained Bombays enjoy playing fetch, but they don't need their owners to keep throwing toys

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Experimental breeding to generate an Abypoint Siamese produced the charming and unexpected Ocicat. 

Pounce masters, Japanese Bobtails are great at retrieve and carrying items in their mouths.

Due to a natural mutation, the American Wirehair breed is extremely rare; the majority of these cats are preserved for breeding or exhibition.

The 'Rex' is from the rabbit fancy, where it implies a curly-coated rabbit," explains Keiger, "and these cats are Cornish," which means they are from Cornwall, England."

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