Unknown Dog Breeds

Italian water retrievers are Lagotto Romagnolois. It is intelligent, active, affectionate, and loves to work. The species uses its keen sense of smell to find truffles in the ground.

The Dutch dog breed, the Stabyhoun, was initially bred as an all-around farm and hunting companion. It’s intelligent, loyal, and brave, loving water and swimming. With its scenting abilities, it excels in tracking games on land and water

Thai Ridgebacks are smart, medium-sized dogs with protective instincts. The loyal and fearless guard is effective without being aggressive. It fits active families and diverse climates with its short coat and sporty build.

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A lesser-known Scottish breed, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, is strong and brave. These intelligent dogs were originally designed to hunt otters and badgers with their long body, short legs, and characteristic “top-knot” of hair.

Finland's national dog, the Spitz, is fox-like. They flush birds and small game well because they were developed for hunting.

Elegant and low-maintenance, the Cesky Terrier is petite. They are superb rat terriers created in Czechoslovakia in the 19th century to hunt vermin.

The Italian Alpine herding breed Amasco Shepherd is devoted and strong. They can stay active in cold weather thanks to their felted coat.

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