Least Nutritious Vegetables

We regret to inform potato lovers that they are unhealthy for several reasons. One, they're high in starch and low in nutrients

Food allergies are frequent with maize. It's stealthy and hard to diagnose since maize and corn syrup are in everything.

Plain iceberg lettuce is on the offender list since it's 96% water. Eating it works your jaw, but it's tasteless. It lacks nutrients.

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Mostly for IBS and thyroid sufferers. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are healthful, but IBS sufferers should restrict or avoid them since they produce gas, bloating, and abdomen irritation.

Leafy greens are healthy, but their insecticides are not. Pesticide-laden spinach and kale are among the Environmental Working Group's dirty dozen.

Celery may surprise you on the list. It may appear dull, but it made the list because it has made the dirty dozen and has 67 pesticides. Thus, choose for organic celery

Uncooked green beans have more lectin, which might cause gastrointestinal issues, so boil them first.

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