A Human Year Is How Many Cat Years?

Unverified reports say cats can live into their early 30s worldwide. Guinness calls 27-year-old British cat Flossie “roughly the feline equivalent of 120 human years.”

Comparing cats to humans is enjoyable, but it doesn't accurately reflect their lifetime. 

 Some people utilize the "seven-year rule" for dogs, where one year of your pet's life equals seven of ours.

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They say cats' first year is 15 human years, their second nine or 10 years, and each year after that four human years. Pet age calculations for this game are available online.

The calculations only provide a basic estimate of your cat's lifespan. Cat breed, care, and ability to prevent injury or disease will affect any pet-age approximation.

A cat that lives outside with no owners, little food, or no medical care might die in a few years or months, whereas well-cared-for cats can live into their 20s.

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