Raw Foods You Must Avoid At All Costs

According to Healthline, raw potatoes include resistant starch and higher vitamin C, but they are hard to digest and contain antinutrients that might hinder digestion and nutrition absorption.

Lima beans must be cooked to be safe. According to Eating Well, eating too many raw lima beans may induce stomach and digestive difficulties.

We know mayonnaise, egg nog, hollandaise, and other dishes contain raw eggs. Bodybuilders also use raw eggs into protein drinks.

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Elderberries are immune-boosting yet toxic uncooked. Before eating these bad boys, boil them down to get their advantages without poisoning yourself.

Glycoside amygdalin, a toxin in raw bitter almonds, turns into cyanide. Healthline suggests boiling, roasting, or microwaving them to minimize their toxicity, but further research is needed. 

Uncooked rice is a recipe for disaster . Healthline warns that raw rice can cause foodborne infections, gastrointestinal disorders, tooth troubles, and more.

Uncooked green beans have more lectin, which might cause gastrointestinal issues, so boil them first.

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