Recommended cats for your home

A great pet for a young household, Burmese cats offer several benefits. First, they're quite loving, especially with family and kids.

Another friendly cat, the Siamese is known for its narrow-faced appearance and persistent need for attention. Again, this continual need for attention makes them ideal for multi-person households.

The American Shorthair is an undervalued cat owner favorite due to its tiger-like facial pattern, just in different colors. Friendly and joyful, they are strong and short-necked.

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The unconditional love of Asian cats has made them one of the most popular cat breeds in recent years.

The original Ragdoll was limp when picked up, thus its name. Though they seldom do this, they are a calm and kind type of cat.

Like the Ragdoll, the Maine Coon is large and shaggy yet very friendly. Another cat that thrives in multi-human families, they are inquisitive and prepared to befriend anybody.

Unfortunately, many people avoid having a Sphynx cat since they're hairless and terrifying. Sphynxes are among the most affectionate cats, therefore these individuals are losing out.

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