Recommended Cat Holiday Gifts

You may have seen social media cats obsessed with Churu sticks. These creamy, delicious treats may be fed to your picky cat regularly

This 50-count jar will last a long time and come in a variety pack, so your cat won't get bored. There are several Churu flavours and variety packs, but this one has four: Tuna, Tuna with Chicken, Scallop, and Salmon.

Cats like Walter are famous for embarking on outdoor excursions with their owners, and they may encourage you to take your cat outside, even for a simple stroll instead of a summit trek.

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Your cat may smell and explore with a sturdy collar and leash. Coastal Pet Products' Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness is one. 

Consider the Coastal Pet Products Cat Leash with E-Z Snap for your cat's harness. It's 6 feet long, fade-resistant nylon, and easy to attach to your cat's harness. Multiple colours are available.

e holidays provide many alternatives for spoiling a new cat with the greatest toys, treats, and stimulation.

Fat dominates flaxseeds—67%. A one-ounce portion has 12 grammes of fat, which is misleading.

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