Best pet dog breeds are friendly.

Golden Retrievers make great family pets due to their gentleness and calmness. Goldens are one of the nicest dog breeds, hence they made this list. 

Pugs make you happy with their cute looks and big smiles. Mischievous and amiable, these dogs appreciate cuddling and attention. 

Border Collies enjoy humans and are eager to learn. Border Collies are known for herding sheep on farms, but they are also highly loving and good with families. 

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Labradoodles are smart, adorable, and affectionate, making them wonderful family pets. They're easy to train, affectionate, and friendly to everyone.

 Dalmatians are lively and devoted. They're terrific with youngsters and sociable, but their power and size can make it hard to control their energy and excitement! They may not suit small children.

The small French Bulldog is active, energetic, and affectionate, making it ideal for any size home. These loving dogs welcome others into your house and are fantastic with kids.

You are confident that your purpose is right and that you are not trying to hurt anyone. Allow someone who can't keep up to move at their own pace. (Leo)

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