Longevity Tips for Cats

There are various ways to prolong your cat's life. Some of these should be done early in life to help them adjust to lifestyle changes.

Common cat lifetime extenders include:

Keep your kitty indoors. Outdoor cats live 3-6 years, per UC Davis Veterinary Medicine. This is much below the typical indoor cat longevity. Your cat may avoid autos, other cats, and many deadly infections by staying indoors.

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Spay/neuter your cat. Altering your cat can extend its life and prevent numerous tumors and disorders. Neutering your male cat can improve his health.

Keep your cat entertained. Play, attention, and running can help your cat live longer and healthier. Food and treat monitoring may be needed to maintain a healthy weight.

Make frequent vet visits for your pet. The vet can tell you how your cat is doing better than the cat can! Regular vet visits will allow you to track your cat's health and detect any abnormalities early.

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