Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

As with any cuisine, Brussels sprouts taste best when properly prepared. You may be surprised.

Brussels sprouts are high in blood sugar-stabilizing fiber. Breaking down meal carbs raises blood sugar. Fiber-rich meals delay digestion, preventing such a significant increase.

Brussels sprouts protect cells from free radicals with antioxidants. Free radicals are found in the environment and in biological functions.

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Red, white, and shimmering like Christmas ornaments. Like magic, bold, tangy, and luscious pomegranate makes collins a Christmas favorite.

Brussels sprouts aid digestion with fiber. Fiber is essential for regular bowel movements and gut microbial balance, but most individuals don't get enough.

Brussels sprouts have some iron. However, they include vitamin C, which improves the bioavailability of non-heme (plant-derived) iron, which is harder to absorb than heme. Vitamin C is abundant in Brussels sprouts and other vegetables.

Enjoying these bubbles in the morning or evening will pink up your cheeks. We allow you to blame all that shoveling.

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