Cats Benefit from Wheatgrass

Many explanations exist why wheatgrass benefits cats. Cats may benefit from wheatgrass:

Detoxification. Wheatgrass has lots of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll cleanses the blood and detoxifies the body to eliminate heavy metals, decrease inflammation, and offer antioxidants to recover.  

Enrichment. Your cat can also enjoy wheatgrass as an environmental enrichment. Most cats cannot feed on natural leaves and receive this stimulus outside.

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 Offering cats the chance to self-select wheatgrass indoors is a terrific way to bring the outdoors inside without pesticides or herbicides.

Digestive Aid. Many cats consume wheatgrass for digestion. Fiber in wheatgrass helps cats' natural hairballs from grooming. Wheatgrass may relieve constipation in cats.

Weight loss. It can aid weight loss due to its high fiber content. Cats eat wild prey's digestive tracts, which often include fermented fibers and vegetables.

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