Santa-Approved Christmas Cocktails

Start or end your afternoon with a classic Christmas martini while trimming the tree or thinking about your theme. 

Invite Jack Frost in instead of telling him to leave. Most importantly, make a batch of these frosty blue goodies. Fun to watch snowfall? Oh yes. 

Direct your Cosmo to Christmastown! Simply adding rosemary and glazed cranberries makes classics festive

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Red, white, and shimmering like Christmas ornaments. Like magic, bold, tangy, and luscious pomegranate makes collins a Christmas favorite.

Christmas morning is the best time to make a Bloody Mary. These are a hit for breakfast or as a garnish while you wait. Even more vegetables or candied bacon can be added.

These bubbles will pink up your cheeks morning or night. We'll let you say it's from shoveling.

Enjoying these bubbles in the morning or evening will pink up your cheeks. We allow you to blame all that shoveling.

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