Seafood Appetizers Beyond Shrimp Cocktail

These crab cake bites make the cutest appetizer. At just over 30 minutes, these appetizers are the easiest way to make your Christmas dinner or New Year's gathering elegant.

Bacon-wrapped scallops are one of those dishes that wow guests but secretly are so easy to make (only 5 ingredients!). For best results, use big sea scallops and thin-cut, conventional bacon, but feel free to swap out the herbs for whatever you like. 

Fried calamari isn't just for coastal restaurants. The homemade version is crispy and easy to create.

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Homemade sushi can be scary due to the rice, rolling, and raw fish.

This smart program roasts instead of poaches this old-school snack to add flavor.

 The creamiest savory dip ever contains smoked salmon, spicy horseradish, vibrant lemon, and finely chopped dill in cream cheese and Greek yogurt

These two-bite beauties combine the decadence of a crab cake, and the crisp-chewy texture of your favorite take-out side all into one platter-friendly package 

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