6 Tips for Longer Bananas

Because the stems emit ethylene gas, bananas ripen immediately after being harvested. Wrap the stems in plastic or aluminum foil to delay ripening. 

There's a scientific reason to hook your bananas. Ethylene gas operates slower when bananas are hung. Bananas bruise more on the counter as they ripen, so hanging them prevents this.

The greenest bananas are the simplest to preserve. They're plucked green and progressively ripen to our favorite brilliant yellow. Choose a green bunch to hang from your hook and watch mature instead of fully ripe bananas for banana pancakes.

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No bananas should be stored in the fridge. Rule-breaking is encouraged, especially with bananas.

Green bananas should be kept away from the fridge, but after they're fully ripe, you may put them in there to keep them cool for a few days. You get two additional days of fresh banana parfaits!

Freezing bananas is an easy technique to preserve them. But how you freeze bananas might affect thawing. Total freezing darkens the peels and makes them defrost badly. Freeze peeled bananas or slices in sealed bags.

Bruising can ruin bananas. It causes spongy portions and speedier ripening, hence banana hard cases are useful.

Strategies to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Banana

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