Signs of Allergies in Dog

Protein allergens are present in plants, animals, insects, and foods. Chemicals, materials, and drugs can also cause allergies in dogs.

Sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes are common allergy symptoms. Some allergic dogs have similar symptoms, but most have itchy, irritated skin.

Skin or ear infections can result from inflammation. Other dogs may vomit or have diarrhea.

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“Allergy symptoms in dogs can be similar to those of other medical conditions,” stated The Vets' Dr. Alejandro Caos. “A vet can perform diagnostic tests to determine if the symptoms are caused by allergies or by another medical issue.”

You may see: depending on the allergy and dog.

Red, itching skin, Skin infections, Hives, Poor coat,  Over-licking, especially paws, Watery eyes, 

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