Simple Veggie Sides You'll Always Make

Serve this vegetarian side in 15 minutes. It pairs well with roast turkey and steak, cooked in heart-healthy olive oil with lemon, garlic, and cracked pepper.

Roasting cabbage brings forth its sweetness, while garlic and Parmesan provide savoury without salt. This cruciferous vegetable has gut-healthy fibre and anti-inflammatory properties.

Flattening these broccoli florets before roasting increases their surface area and crispiness. A sprinkle of balsamic glaze before serving offers tangy sweetness without sugar.

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Broiling these oven-roasted potatoes quickly browns them evenly and keeps them soft and fluffy

They're flavoured with whole-grain mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, and fresh dill, so only a little salt completes this easy side

The traditional dish you adore is now healthier. We minimised saturated fat by making a mushroom-packed broth-almond milk “cream” sauce.

Cremini mushrooms absorb balsamic vinegar's tart-sweet flavour, while nutty Parmesan cheese adds savoriness.

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