Smart Cat Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Match toys to your cat's energy and personality. Feather wands and laser pointers can occupy busy cats for hours. 

Position scratching poles and boards around your home to satisfy your cat's natural drive to scratch. This proactive method protects your furniture and pleases your cat. 

Scoop the litter box daily to provide a peaceful environment. Adding a box and unscented litter for many cats is recommended. Cats want clean litter boxes for comfort and hygiene.

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For further safety, choose detachable, washable, or cat-proof furniture covers. This simple step protects your furnishings and gives your cat a comfortable place to rest. Your home may be attractive and your cat comfortable.

Providing your cat with fresh water is essential. Consider a cat water fountain because cats are finicky about water. These fountains keep water fresh and appealing, helping your cat stay hydrated and healthy.

Make cat toys yourself to keep them entertained. A cardboard box, crumpled paper balls, or an old sock with catnip can provide infinite pleasure.

Did you know cats eat grass? The cat grass in your home can help your cat digest. Some cats eat grass to assist digestion and expel hairballs.

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