Soft, affectionate, cuddly small pets

If ferrets are allowed in your area, expect lots of cuddles! Ferrets love to play yet are very cuddly when exhausted. Ferrets flourish in couples, so you may get twice the snuggles if you own them.

Hedgehogs' charming tendency of curling into a ball is mostly when they're scared, but when they're comfortable and socialized, they're great cuddlers.

Naturally lively, hamsters adore attention and affection. They'll bond with their owners.

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Many birds are great cuddlers, but lovebirds are fantastic. (As expected with that name!) Your bird can show you affection, but you'll need to learn it to cuddle.

Guinea pigs are small enough to live in a variety of surroundings yet thrive on attention and are perfect for cuddling.

It's obvious why dogs and humans have been best pals for ages

You can finally possess a cuddly rabbit if you've always wanted one. Rabbits are affectionate. Rabbits are small enough for small spaces.

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