Stomach-calming food

Stomach issues are serious. Pain and suffering can be difficult to tolerate. If you have indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, or other digestive disorders, watch what you eat.

Probiotics in this fermented milk drink boost gastrointestinal health, immunity, and virus immunity.

These are healthy and digestible. Eat scrambled eggs or stock-based soups.

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White rice is low in fiber and easy on the stomach, firming loose stools.

Chicken or fish are lean proteins for sick people. They're digestible and easy to make.

Bananas are stomach and upper digestive tract-friendly. They relieve bloating, aid digestion, and contain vitamins and minerals.

Unsurprisingly, an empty stomach can worsen nausea. Eat white toast or saltine crackers throughout the day to avoid nausea. Easy-to-digest basic carbs.

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