Stopping dogs from licking their paws

Knowing all the answers to "Why do dogs lick their paws?" is less essential than teaching your dog to quit. Whatever causes a dog to lick and nibble at his paws, dampness might create a bacterial or yeast infection. 

 Thus, licking becomes an issue. Make a strategy with your vet to end the habit quic

Celebrity dog trainer Chrissy Joy agrees with Dr. Richter: Consult your vet if you suspect medical paw licking. She suggests attempting these methods to stop behavioral paw licking:

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Joy suggests enrichment for bored dogs who lick their paws. An engaging setting that stimulates your dog's mind lets them focus on something else. "The use of puzzle toys is an excellent option to help create an engaging environment for your dog," adds. 

"Many puzzle toys can be found online, including unique shapes and styles that offer unique challenges for your dog." Start by putting your dog's supper in a jigsaw toy and giving it to them when they lick their paws.

Another technique for bored dogs licking their paws. Joy suggests frequent exercise and exhausting your dog will reduce boredom and licking. 

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